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Make every artwork unique, secure and ready for the digital era. Use your mobile device to create the first truly usable passport for artworks, combining our patented digital fingerprint with the artwork’s immutable history. Connect the physical and digital worlds, anytime, anywhere. Keep the provenance up-to-date, gain full control of who documents are shared with and make use of exciting features like fully digital condition reports, virtual exhibitions and augmented reality. All secured with an unquestionable blockchain track & trace record.

Security & Management


Scan the artwork microstructure with a mobile device to create a patented digital fingerprint for doubtless verification. Make sure that the purchased work, whether in a gallery or online platform, is the original by authenticating the unique fingerprint in seconds.

4ART Passport

Make every artwork unique, secure and ready for the digital era. Create the first truly usable passport for artworks, combining its unique digital fingerprint with the artwork’s immutable and automatically updated documentation and history. Connect the physical and digital worlds, anytime, anywhere.

4ART Protocol

The detailed provenance, including location changes, transfers of possession, ownership or property rights, condition reports and important events, is automatically recorded and additionally secured with the blockchain enabled tamper-proof timestamp. The artwork’s history is always valid and up-to-date, providing security and reliability like never before.

Handling & Control

4ART Reports

Offer mobile high-quality condition reporting for your sales and transports. Changes and damages to artworks are easily and cost-effectively detected, compared and shared. Choose from a variety of comparisons for your required detail and immediately share your findings with your teams or clients.

Access Control

All registered personal information and artwork documentation is private, guaranteed. Sensitive provenance needs to be sent to a potential client? Want to show your works to your social media followers or generate a QR-Code and send it around the world? Access is granted or retracted at the push of a button. It’s all in the owner’s hands. We simply help to keep it secure.

Handling Safety

With every transaction and communication being secured by digital handshakes and blockchain timestamps, it is the safest environment for art handling ever. For organizations, our Working-on-Behalf model provides controlled access to internal and external users. Authorization chains and expenditure oversight for administrators included.

Professional Promotion

AR & VR Tools

Take art promotion to the next level. Using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, it’s never been easier to help collectors find the creations they love and make a purchase decision.

Trusted Transactions

Fast transactions can also be safe, thanks to the blockchain environment. Initiate transactions or receive requests with certainty and security.

Safe Communication

The integrated chat functionality provides a direct channel between seller and potential buyer for a safe exchange of sensitive information.

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