Nicoleta Albei-Wigger: exploding colors and subtle sensuality

May 24, 2022 | 4ART App, 4ART News

Meet Berlin artist, Nicoleta Albei-Wigger

Nicoleta Albei-Wigger paints life and people, mainly using acrylics. Channeling her emotional world, Nicoleta explores a step-by-step process to create explosions of radiant and dark tones, which make up the magnetism of her art. The artist has been living in Berlin for over 25 years, and since 2019 has collaborated with 4ARTechnologies, creating her compilations in 4ART Exhibition App.


Her style and inspiration


The canvas emerges directly from Nicoleta’s emotional world and thus is assembled of exploding colors and subtle sensuality. While studying the acrylic paintings, motifs appear and become gradually recognizable: a face or figure. Viewers find elements hidden in the color universe, made visible through combinations. Everything Nicoleta paints is associated with the joy of life. Her art is formed by the feeling of worlds, which take shape in her pictures.


Decorate your home or office with Nicoleta’s individualized art


Art collectors and art lovers express their individual style through decoration in their homes or offices. A statement of their personal taste can be expressed through the environments they create with light, furniture and, of course, art on the walls.

Nicoleta gives private or business premises full exclusivity, which is unique in the truest sense! Her purposefully selected colors, dimensions and shapes create a whole new spatial effect according to the client’s wishes. Her aim is to devise a perfectly harmonious atmosphere in combination with the space’s interior design. Nicoleta advises art lovers to go for a well-thought-out color concept, and she can perfect their personal, individual style with their desired image.

Start your art project with Nicoleta

Nicoleta’s Art available in Finity Gallery


Finity Gallery is the exclusive space where Nicoleta Albei-Wigger exhibits and sells her artworks. Located in the Living Berlin, the gallery offers her opaque and brilliant combinations in large-scale acrylics.

From an administration building to the heart of the Design District, Living Berlin in Kantstrasse is the perfect home for Finity Gallery. Its impressive façade reflects the sky during the day, and the street lights of Germany’s capital during the night. Since 1999, it has offered interior design products of the highest quality. You can find the Finity Gallery on the 3rd floor.



Nicoleta’s Art online


Nicoleta’s Art – Photos are courtesy of the artist

Successful artists are present on several channels, and that is also the case for Nicoleta Albei-Wigger. Since 2019, she has been collaborating with 4ARTechnologies, due to the possibility of linking her analog acrylics to digital documentation, and runs her own virtual gallery in the 4ART App. More than 200,000 art lovers in over 60 countries can see her pieces 24/7. Collectors can have private communication with her and follow up during every stage of a transaction with their smartphones, using the services in the 4ART ecosystem.

The online shop of her gallery is also available, and her social media activities are shared via Instagram under the name of nicoleta_berlin_art

Enjoy her artworks, and feel free to contact her for a commission today!