Sayaka Asai creates accidental beauty that comes naturally: ice dyeing technique

Dec 22, 2021 | 4ART News, NFT+

Think of a young creator who lets ice flow to bring about beauty. Sakaya Asai created a patented technique to dye fabric during her college years.

I am fascinated by the accidental beauty that comes naturally, the beauty of things that cannot be completely controlled, and I create works using a technique called “ice dyeing”, which uses ice to dye cloth,” the Japanese artist states about her unique technique.


Formation and style


Sayaka Asai graduated from Musashino Art University in Kodaira, Tokyo. Her training at the interdisciplinary University laid the foundation for her successful art career. 

After graduation, she moved to Paris by herself and started an international career as an artist.

Currently, she is based in Tokyo, holding solo exhibitions in Japan and overseas and participating in art fairs. In addition, she provides costumes and forms collaborations with other artists.

Concerning her style, Sakaya is partly inspired by the tradition of Japanese silk painting that was popular in Japan from the beginning of the 14th century. Unlike the traditional Japanese silk paintings that were done with black ink or paint, and were generally monochromatic, Asai’s works contain bright colors and are defined by coincidence. Therefore we can see Asai’s work as a modern interpretation and reinvention of a Japanese painting tradition.

Current project: Digitization and VR Technology


Sayaka Asai’s newest project consists of researching new ways to incorporate AR and virtual technology into her ice dyeing works. In October 2020, she was even selected as one of the 100 artists of the ReA art fair!

The Japanese artist recently used AR technology to enhance her artwork. For her, it’s a new world of expression as there is no texture, such as that of the fabric that was for a long time the main part of her art. The artist describes it as a “shocking sensation”, but her constant exploration shows her innate curiosity and willingness to expand her self-expression into the digital space.

As the coronavirus hit the world in 2020 and threatened the international art scene, Sayaka Asai quickly adapted to the new situation and further expanded her digital presence. She has participated in online exhibitions around the world. and benefits a lot from the new connections formed with other art professionals. 


3rd prize at 4ART World Award


At our 4ART World Award 2021 Sayaka Asai won the Third Prize. As a result she could create her first art NFT+ with 4ART App for free. NFT+ belongs to the newest generation of Non-Fungible Tokens with increased security standards. Soon her art NFTs will be available at our recently launched 4ART NFT+ Marketplace.

Sayaka Asai also got access to display and promotion of her artworks in our virtual gallery which is used by more than 90.000 collectors and  art professionals worldwide. We at 4ARTechnologies are blessed to work with such an open minded, talented and sought-after artist! 


Recent exhibitions of the artist (curated selection): 


2021, March: IIME FUKURAME finalist Exhibition, Tokyo

2021, February: Genpyou AR Solo Exhibition, Tokyo

2020, October: ReA! Art fair, Milano

2020, November: MIA Art Collection NYCvirtual museum/online



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